Courteney Cox Made Great Impression On Future In-Laws

Photo Credit: Instagram

Courteney Cox has apparently won over her future mother-in-law thanks to a recent trip to Ireland to meet fiancé Johnny McDaid’s parents.

In a new interview with Northern Ireland’s Sunday Life, Pauline McDaid sang the “Friends” actress’ praises. “We all love her. She felt at home here.”

Ms. McDaid added, "John is very much a Derryman. So to be able to show Courteney around where he grew up and around his history, he was as proud as punch. They are head over heels in love, and it is lovely to see how happy they are together."

"Courteney was very anxious to see John's home and we took her around and showed her where John grew up. We also went up to the grave, and that was quite, well, as you can imagine...John is obviously upset that his daddy isn't going to meet her."

Furthermore, "She even picked up some Derry phrases when she was here. And with her being an actress, she can do the best Derry accent."